Sabrina Fresko was born in Istanbul. She went to a French high school in Istanbul and studied architecture in Paris UP7. She completed her architecture degree at the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul.

Sabrina Fresko began her career in Istanbul as a freelance architect and interior designer. She has been working on jewellery design since 1995. Beyond the 12 jewelry exhibitions she has exhibited in she has created stage jewelry for the Oyun Atöyesi production of Timon of Athens.

She considers design to be a comprehensive project. Relying on her background in architecture that supports the basic foundations of design, she believes jewelry can be designed with an architectural perspective.

Her works can be classified into 3 groups ;
1. Sculptures realized in small forms.
2. Jewelry with kinetic, dynamic and variant forms created by using geometric forms in different shapes and settings.
3. Jewelry created with pure silver, gold and coloured resin coated wires by using weaving techniques on metal.

Considering the body as an exhibition space is a basic principle in all of Sabrina Fresko’s designs that she calls  “Sculptures to Wear”. She is therefore able to work on sculptures without  any thematic restrictions

Sabrina Fresko’s “Sculptures to Wear” move and integrate with the bodys movements and undulations, and reflect their bearers stance in life.  They reach an organic level of mobility with different techniques which are used more as a media of contemporary art rather than jewelry. “Sculptures to Wear” is a new media in contemporary art, moving above and beyond the purely physical existence of jewelry or ornamentation.


  • 2003 - Jan 29 / Feb 1
    Participation at the mixed Media Exhibition in Istanbul Proje 4L Modern Art Museum 'Design is Magic' 
  • 2003 - Oct 18
    'What Space is to Body; Body is to Jewelry' Exhibition of Sculptures to wear at Simya Gallery. 
  • 2004 - June 4 / Jul 8
    'This is not a Tulip' a homage to Magritte's work 'Ceci N'est Pas Une Tulipe', at Simya Gallery
  • 2006 - Dec 9 2005 / Mar 11 
    OYUN-u-YORUM 'Play-ing' Sabrina Fresko - exhibition of 'Sculptures to Wear' at Simya Gallery 
  • 2006 - Feb 3 / 15 
    Exhibition of 'Sculptures to Wear' at Bilkent University, Ankara 
  • 2006 - May 23 / Jun 23 
    OYNUYORUZ 'We Are Play-ing' Jewelry exhibition of Simya Gallery artists curated by Sabrina Fresko 
  • 2006 - May 17 
    'Timon of Athens' by Shakespeare Specially designed and realised Jewelry for the play, staged by Kemal Aydoğan for the Istanbul Theatre Festival 
  • 2007 - Dec 7 / 2008 - Feb 17
    Exhibition of 'Sculptures to Wear' at Simya Gallery 
  • 2008 - Jun 3 / 24 
    'IZLENIM', 'Impression' Jewelry exhibition of Simya Gallery artists curated by Sabrina Fresko 
  • 2008 - Nov 5 / 2009 - Jan 17 
    'Continuity' Exhibition of Moebius sculptures and Jewelry at Simya Gallery 
  • 2009 - May 4 / 17
    'Mother and Child' Participation at thematic exhibition at CKM Center Istanbul, for Mother's Day 
  • 2009 - Oct 2 / Dec 23 
    Exhibition of 'Time' at Simya Gallery 
  • 2009 - Dec 25 / 2010 - Mar 27
    'Wearing Istanbul' Exhibition at Simya Gallery 
  • 2011 - 7 Octobre / 2012 28 January 
    Sculptures to wear, Sabrina Fresko, Contemporary Jewlry 
  • 2012 - 21 December / 2013 - 21 March
    Mask (Primal or Contemporary?) Exhibition of 'Sculptures to Wear' at Simya Gallery