On Sabrina Fresko’s “Foam of the Waves”

Sabrina Fresko’s solo exhibition Foam of the Waves will be at Galeri Miz between February 18 and March 15, 2016.

In this exhibition Fresko takes as her subject the sea, the foam of the waves, and their emotional association with herself. The sculptures, produced in different sizes but embodying the same form and movement intimate the soft and repetitive motion of the waves. Instead of directly depicting the sea, these sculptures express the dreams and emotions of the artist.

With the screen installed in the gallery showing the sea from the perspective of the artist with the waves crashing into her face the artist intends to heighten the feeling of the sea. The progression of the waves drive us to reconsider the sculptures. As the artist notes with regard to the exhibition: “The form borne of my imagination triggers my imagination in turn, I dive into the infinity form that I always repeat just as I dive into the sea and swim with repetitive strokes of my arms.”

We are unaware, however, of the ‘awful’ surprise that the artist has in store for us as we delve deep into the emotional relationship she made with the sea and the enjoyment entailed in the repetitive motion. The smaller screens that don’t get our attention in the first place await us with the tragedy of the sea; migrants taking to the sea in inflatable boats and those who remain on the coast and prepare for another journey. A difficult truth lurking in the serenity of the sea.